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MRT will provide single bearings, drives or any component to suit most conveyor systems.

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Unique MRT design provides exceptional versatility, strength and reliability, in every direction.

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MRT is well established in Australia, serving local businesses for the last decade. These include:

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About Us

MRT Australia is a German / Australian partnership delivering precision European engineering and local Australian expertise

Benchmark quality, competitive prices and expert support


MRT Australia

A great idea that grew from a great working relationship that became a great company

MRT Australia is one of the best suppliers of quality conveyor components that you’ve never heard of. We have been supplying components to some of Australia’s leading businesses for over a decade and have a strong reputation (among those that know) for raising the bar in terms of quality and ROI.

MRT Australia brings to market a comprehensive range of high quality conveyor components, compatible with the vast majority of existing conveyor systems, at competitive prices.

The quality is our point of difference, and the price is our advantage. As we are co-founders and part owners of the company, there is no middle-man so we can offer benchmark quality at everyday prices.

Add to this the fact that the owners are recognised across the industry for their expertise and contributions to the field - we have a very compelling offering.

If you need to talk conveyor components, you need to talk to us.

German Quality

Tolerances are tighter, materials are better and the design features are outstanding. Where most polymer bearings have one ball race, uncaged, we have two, caged. While cheaper imports get by with a limited range, we provide a huge spectrum of options, from glass ball bearings for acid environments to brass bearing housings for no-spark environments like munitions and explosives.

Quality is a defining feature of our product line, providing reliability and smooth, quiet performance far in excess of what is generally accepted.

Our components are generally better than our competitors and far superior to a large number of cheaper products.

Australian Expertise

The two owners of MRT Australia, Paul Johnson and Ross Simpson are nationally recognised as leaders in the field, with over sixty years of industry experience between them. This knowledge base is the second pillar of MRT Australia, backing the quality of the products with expert advice for all of our clients. You will always get the very best from MRT Australia. German quality and Australian expertise - you wouldn’t go anywhere else.

A bit of history

A professional relationship grew between Paul, Ross and a German counterpart, John over a period of decades. As each individual moved through different conveyor companies, in roles that were progressively more influential, there came a time after about twenty years, when John said he wanted to start his own manufacturing company, and Paul and Ross sent across the money.

MRT was born. The lean business model and high quality components quickly established MRT as a serious player in the field, and this is also how it played out in Australia. MRT products have been distributed, up until now, by Adept Conveyor Technologies (also run by Paul and Ross) and have proven to be extremely reliable and cost-effective. MRT Australia is now the local commercial presence and brings this powerful blend of quality, support and pricing to the Australian market.

A big future

Our quality product range and industry expertise are second to none. We can generally provide a better quality solution for a competitive price.

In a market where maintenance is costly and breakdown can be devastating, the security of knowing that you’ve got superior components and expert advice is absolutely priceless.

German quality and Australian expertise - you know you want it.

So call us to discuss your needs. You won’t do better.

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Who uses our Components?

We have been supplying conveyor components to prominent Australian businesses for over a decade. These include:

WAREHOUSES: ALDI Stores, Chrisco, Costco, Pacific Brands, Rheem, Tupperware, Toyota, ALDI Stores, Chrisco, Costco, Pacific Brands, Rheem, Tupperware, Toyota LOGISTICS: Air Road Distribution, Australia Post, Fedex, TNT, Toll Ipec, ALDI Stores, Chrisco, Costco, Pacific Brands, Rheem, Tupperware, Toyota FOOD PROCESSING: Baiada Poultry, Inghams Enterprises, PRIMO Smallgoods, PACE Farms, Southern Meats, ALDI Stores, Chrisco, Costco, Pacific Brands, Rheem, Tupperware, Toyota FOOD & BEVERAGE: Allied Mill, Asahi Beverages, Kelloggs, Ricegrowers, Tooheys, ALDI Stores, Chrisco, Costco, Pacific Brands, Rheem, Tupperware, Toyota MANUFACTURING: Amatil Coca Cola, Amcor, Dulux, Nissan casting, Visy Industries, ALDI Stores, Chrisco, Costco, Pacific Brands, Rheem, Tupperware, Toyota MINING: AngloGold Ashanti, Oz Minerals, ALDI Stores, Chrisco, Costco, Pacific Brands, Rheem, Tupperware, Toyota 

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